Euro Prime presents you with top successful trading platforms to take your performance to higher ROIs



The MT4 trading platform is the most dynamic and popular platform throughout the financial industry. The platform’s advanced tools, features and functionality allow Euro Prime traders to react to the market with lightning speed and precision. Easily downloaded and fully customized, the platform allows our investors to trade hundreds of assets from one single interface, accessible anywhere, anytime.


  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Advanced charting tools and built-in indicators
  • One-click order entry capabilities, fewer requotes
  • Expert Advisor indicators for automate trading

Take your trading to the next level with MT4’s unbeatable combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use.


Enter the gate of financial technology

The SIRIX Web Trader platform is your doorway to an advanced trading experience, enabling you to place your investment upon a unique work-space, developed especially for market-oriented needs. Furthermore, using SIRIS WEB doesn’t require any downloading, making it quick and convenient to trade online without any time/space limitations.

A speed of light functionality

When operating through the SIRIX WEB system, you receive real-time data that is crucial for your financial performance. The prominent advantage here is the speed effect, enabling you to utilize timing into your own benefit.

Accurate charting, calculation and analysis

A good trading platform is not just about the ability to open/close positions, it’s mainly about the existence of prime features which are utilized as your tools of trade. SIRIX provides you with the option to base your trade on upgraded indicators, charting, calculators and incisive analysis to give you a head-start on the markets.

Enhancing social trading

SIRIX makes it fluent & dynamic to be a part of a social trading constellation, as it enables an integrated formation of an interactive trade. With SIRIX’s technology, you can simultaneously follow pros’ strategies and implement a wide overview of market movements.

SIRIX’s stand-out success rate is supported by:

  • Fast, real-time rate streaming
  • Direct trading-from-charting possibility
  • Seamless social trading
  • Smooth, user-friendly interface
  • Practice-makes-perfect Demo account

Start your trading smart


Trading mobility at its finest

SIRIX Mobile/Tablet enables you to trade on-the-go and receive all high-end web features, wrapped up in a sharp and elegant interface, easy to operate and fast to respond.

A world of financial data at the palm of your hand

SIRIX mobile app hands you a comprehensive and detailed information on market factors, charts, events and financial trends, presented within a clean-cut visibility & operative relevancy

Manage your account with total compatibility

Enjoy the exact same capabilities of SIRIX WEB in a modular app, enabling you to access your account status, open/close positions, track your trades & balance, follow current trends, monitor market movements and perform respectively to control your investment execution.

Place social trading in your pocket

SIRIX Mobile is your adjusted trading platform, allowing you to enjoy the experience of a smooth and setback-free social trading. You can easily follow your online trading community and receive fluent feeds and updates on your mobile device.

  • Modified interface responsivity
  • Advanced indicators and chart analysis
  • Up-to-date news ticker
  • Practice-makes-perfect Demo account
  • Real-time rate streaming
  • Unlimited accessibility to your account & network
  • Seamless Social Trading & Automation
  • Trade directly from the chart

Trade anywhere and anytime without ever missing a pip. Available for iOS and Android, SIRIX Mobile is the premium choice for FX & CFD trading on-the-go.