Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be created. As the premier crypto token to start this global economic revolution, it directly draws the market’s respect, as the most capitalized and traded cryptocurrency of all times.

A major reason for Bitcoin’s popularity is its nonstop volatility, creating major opportunities for traders in both rising and falling market prices, through CFD trading.

In recent years, Bitcoin has become a high-demand financial trading instrument, despite its being unassociated with governments or central banks.

There are generally two ways to invest in Bitcoin:

Direct investing: Buying Bitcoin on an official exchange and leaving it to gain long-term value.

Bitcoin price speculation: Trading Bitcoin against the US dollar (BTC/USD), an ideal new trading instrument with its own technical and fundamental factors which offer promising opportunities for forex traders. Also, it’s important to know that trading Bitcoin is the most secure way to invest in Cryptocurrencies- unlike direct investing through Bitcoin exchanges, speculating on the Bitcoin price through forex brokers is 100% secure from theft.

A maximum of 21 million Bitcoin will be eventually available, after which no further bitcoins will be produced. Therefore, Bitcoin is considered a finite commodity, meaning greater demand will generally prop up the price.

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