Social Trading

What is Social Trading?

Imagine a situation when an experienced, successful trader takes control of your portfolio and trades your capital on the exact same financial assets they make profit from. You would probably be quite satisfied with the results.

Social Trading is a great way for those new to trading to enjoy financial success by “outsourcing” their trading to real expert investors. Social Trading is a popular method of trading offered here at Euro Prime, allowing any trader, at any level, to subcontract their trading decisions with the pros.

How it works:

1. Select a pro trader with an impressive track record of your choice
2. Click on their profile
3. Watch your trades mirror those of your chosen trader
4. Wait for results
5. Stop following or switch to another trader at any time

More benefits of Social Trading:

  • No need to master the art of technical or fundamental analysis
  • Ability to self-pick who controls your portfolio
  • Compare top traders based on past and present success
  • Continue your relationship or switch financial experts at any time

Rid yourself of sleepless nights tracking financial trends and let the pros do it for you.
With Euro Prime it pays to be social!